These are the voyages of the TimeShip Anachron.  
Our Mission: To boldly explore the past, dispelling
mythinformation and mythconceptions

of American History along the way.

Exploring our past to sort out myth from reality

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Links to a variety of articles that explore why many Americans have a blurred or erroneous view of many aspects of America’s past.

Featured Intro Sample:

White Hat History

The real world of the American past has never been as clearly black and white as a B-Western movie.

Links to three types of history articles:


A Series is a collection of related articles giving an in-depth look at a broad, significant—but often neglected or ignored—American history topic.

Featured Series Sample:

Uncle Sam’s Kids

A vivid glimpse inside the shocking and shameful history of Child Labor in America.


A Snapshot is a single article giving a brief overview of a little-known, fascinating tidbit of American history.

Featured Snapshot Sample:

Pony Tales

A quick overview of the surprisingly short history of the Pony Express.


Lite articles are single articles exploring some facet of a humorous or light-hearted topic of American history.

Featured Snapshot Sample:

Flash Gordon Goes Grocery Shopping

A brief look at the forgotten history of the out-of-this-world “Kedoozle” store of the 1930s.

The History Lingo Lexicon is a growing list of  brief explanations of the meaning and origin of many history terms that may be unknown or misunderstood by the average reader, such as melting pot, eugenics, hegemony, and fin de siècle, with links to articles on the site which feature some terms.

The Who’s Who Digest contains short descriptions of a growing collection of some of the "most influential or significant historical Americans you may have never heard of,” and links to articles on this site where you can learn more about them.  

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